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ݣIrina Antonenko  Mikhail Filippov  ˹Ʒ  




    Ӱ|܇Ӱ棬|܇Ӱ塣A company of friends rises in the funicular to meet unforgettably New Years Eve on the top of the mountain. The guys are already anticipating how they will cheerfully slide down to the beat of the chimes and explosions of fireworks. But the adventure turns into a real nightmare, when in the midst of the holiday a flimsy trailer gets stuck over the precipice.


ʱʱʼƻվ 11ѡ5ͼ ѡ ֻ׬Ǯ ũǷ׬Ǯ ֲʸʽͶעٲ ʱʱ׼˹ƻ 30ѡ5ͼ ƱϷ ԭô׬Ǯ ֱֳ Ƶ˵yotube׬Ǯ ױݵ׬Ǯ Ĵ׬Ǯ Ѷֲַͼ ۱Ϸվַ ʮһѡ© 1818ƽƹ